JUNE 1th 2020

The full list of winners in the 2020 award categories was as follows:
  • Quant equity

    Waterfront CP Enhanced Master Fund (Nominee)
    Millennium Partners (Nominee)
    Renaissance Institutional (Winner)

  • Alternative Event Driven funds

    LIM Unleveraged Arbitrage Strategy (Nominee)
    Hudson Bay Fund (Nominee)
    One River Asset Management (Winner)

  • Best CTAs

    Roe Capital (Nominee)
    DUNN Capital Management (Nominee)
    Revolution Capital Management (Winner)

  • Machine Learning Fund

    Voloridge Investment Management (Nominee)
    Taaffeite Capital Management (TCM) (Nominee)
    Castle Ridge Asset Management (Winner)

  • Multi-strategy quant

    Voloridge Investment Management (Nominee)
    Janus Henderson Investors (Nominee)
    Morgan Stanley Investment Management (Winner)

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